Tuesday, March 29, 2005

This is my random post.

RandOm. Today was very random. First I went out. I got some groceries. Then I wrote an essay for English. It took RANDOM a lot of time, maybe about 2 hours. I had to rewrite the introduction because my first intro was RaNDoM absolutely horrid. After the essay, rain was pouring down outside so I decided to go and jump in puddles like random a foolish child. (The splashing was fun, anyways.) Next, I ate some lunch. I had macaroni and cheese. Make no ranDom mistake, my lunch was not Crap Dinner (a.k.a. Kraft Dinner). It was real, homemade mac and cheese. That means rAndOm I boiled noodles and made cheese sauce and then put it together. I was going to make baked mac and cheese in the oven but that would have taken too long and I was hungry. Any - random - ways, I watched the Notebook. It was good, I guess. I thought it was corny to have them die holding hands at the end. Oh yeah, another thing rANDOm. What is with everybody having sex on TV? It is like our society is one big, horny teenager. (I'll talk about this later.) Anyways, my Easter weekend was really randoM good. My wish for today is that world hunger would be abolished. Thanks and good night.