Thursday, April 14, 2005

This mock iPod shuffle is made entirely from Crisco (vegetable shortening) and poppy seeds!

I got the idea when looking in the cupboard for ingredients. I saw some Crisco. I thought it would be good considering Crisco is white and has a glossy look to it.

I first modeled the shape. That wasn't too hard. Then I found some poppy seeds. Initially, I had trouble placing each individual poppy seed onto the body of the Crisco iPod shuffle. I eventually figured out that tweezers work the best. There are a total of 113 poppy seeds on the Crisco iPod shuffle. (If you are counting, please not that a couple poppy seeds are underneath other poppy seeds because I sometimes pushed the poppy seed in to far.)

To make this replica, it only took me about an hour. However, it was very tedious placing 113 poppy seeds with a very blunt pair of tweezers. I would only reccomend this project to people who are surgens or soon to be surgens!

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